Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 8: Jo Lankester Printmaking Residency @ Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts

Welcome to my blog,

Day 8 of my printmaking residency at Umbrella Studio, Contemporary Arts, Townsville was very satisfying. I completed drawing the three plates to the first colour etching and etched them in Copper Sulphate.

The acid was etching fast as I mixed a 10 - 1 solution,

  • 4 kgs Copper Sulphate 
  • 1 kg of Table salt
  • 100 gms of Sodium Bisulphate 
  • 40 lts of water

The acid is a lovely deep blue once mixed and your able to see your plates easily when etching.

Here are two of the plates drying once out of the acid and water rinsing bath.

My partner rang me early this morning to tell me he bought a beautiful set of Silky Oak plan draws for my studio out of the paper. I went to pay for them this afternoon and couldn't believe my eyes. They are in fantastic condition and slide open and close very smoothly. :-)

Happy Printing.

Jo Lankester

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