Sunday, October 9, 2011

Karen Fiorito Produces a 5 Colour Reduction Linocut at Brush & Press Studio for Neoteric Print

Karen Fiorito Produces a 5 Colour Reduction Linocut with Jo Lankester at Brush & Press Studio for Neoteric Print

Karen Fiorito produced a 5 colour reduction linocut with artists and technician Jo Lankester at Brush & Press Studio as artist in residence for Month of Print, a national celebration of printmaking to celebrate Australia hosting Impact 7, an international multi disciplinary printmaking conference hosted by Monash University, Melbourne during September.


This reduction print is based on the Hindu legend of the Goddess Durga:
A long time ago, the world was in great peril. War and famine were widespread, and demons ruled the earth. The great demon Mahisasura, who took the form of a bull, was their leader. Despite all their efforts, none of the male gods could defeat the demon. The gods retreated from battle and summoned a goddess, for it was foretold that only a woman could save the world from such destruction. Out of a supernova of their collective energies appeared the Goddess Durga with 10 arms riding a tiger. She defeated Mahisasura and his army. Peace was restored and the earth was healed. Although the people of earth begged her to stay and rule them, she refused. "That is not my way," she said, "but if ever you need me again, just think of me, and I will come."

"I have recreated this image of the Goddess Durga and replaced her weapons with tools used in printmaking. She represents the creative, emotional, compassionate and powerful aspects of the divine feminine. Durga is the destroyer of ignorance and represents determination and will power, fierce compassion and patience.  I believe that only through these qualities can we bring about peace on earth and to all of its creatures. My hope is that through my art I can cultivate these aspects of the divine feminine and inspire others to do the same, whether they be male or female."

Karen received her Master’s in Fine Art in Printmaking from Arizona State University and her Bachelor of Fin Art in Printmaking from the University of Pennsylvania of the Arts.  
For the past 7 years, she has run Buddha Cat Press, a socially conscious printmaking studio and publishing company. Most recently her work was showcased at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles for the Pacific Standard Time project.  
Her work has also been featured in major publications such as Art in America, the Huffington Post, the LA Weekly, and URB Magazine. She is the recipient of a Puffin Foundation Grant in 2005 and a Change, Inc. Grant from Robert Rauchenberg in 2004.
Neoteric print
Contemporary printmaking artists, working with new ideas and processes pushing the boundaries of traditional printmaking practice in a gallery setting. The mediums used by these artists range from new variations on traditional intaglio and relief techniques, to digital video projections.
Artists: Doug Arana, Aja Ausman, Kelly Bianchi, John Bradshaw, Laura Castell, Michelle Hall, Donna Foley, Karen Fiorito, Sheree Kinlydise, Jo Lankester, Kyana Pike, Gerald Soworka, Sandra Wright
Exhibition Opening: 7pm Friday 30 September by Jo Lankester
Artist Talk: 11am Sunday 9 October 2011
Exhibition Duration 30 September 6 November 2011

Brush & Press Studio is possible thanks to the Renew Townsville Initiative


Jo Lankester

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