Sunday, November 11, 2012

PressNorth Printmakers Workshop ~ Marian Crawford

PressNorth Printmakers invited Marian Crawford to Townsville to open PressNorth Out of the Box. During her stay in Townsville Marian held a relief printing workshop where we constructed an artist book from images she supplied. The narrative of the book was revealed at the end of day 1 printing. This was a fun way to work; we all loved the surprise at the end.

Rhonda Steven, Margot Laver, Marian Crawford & Sandi Hook
Sylvia Hewitt
Margaret Crawford, Jan Daly & Maxine Smith
Sheree Kinlyside & Sandi Hook
Karen Landt-Isley & Sylvia Hewitt
Margot Laver & Maxine Smith
Sandra Wright
Getting ready to reveal the mystery narrative
Thanks Marian!

PressNorth: Out of the Box by PressNorth Printmakers

Pressnorth Out of the Box is a group exhibition comprising of 21 printmakers and book artists form the Townsville base Artist Run Initiative, Pressnorth. Each artist will showcase a body of their current work celebrating the diversity of this thriving print community in North Queensland.
Established in April 2009, Pressnorth comprises of 50 + members, representing individuals and independently operated presses including Jo Lankester Brush & Press Studio, Donna Foley Garage Press, Ron McBurnie Monsoon Press, Sheree Kinlyside Red Rag Press, and Sandra Wright Treehouse Printery.

Pressnorth Out of the Box
6 October until 11 November 2012
Pinnacles Gallery
Riverway Arts Centre
20 Village Boulevard
Thuringowa Central Q 4817

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Expanding the Field of Printmaking

The Expanded Field of Printmaking                 

Michelle Hall, Jo Lankester, Margot Laver, Alison McDonald, Jenny Mulcahy, Hannah Murray, Rhonda Stevens & Alan Valentine work collaboratively across multi disciplines to create an exhibition highlighting the sculptural aspect of print, resulting in an installation of experimental printmaking.

Participating artists have responded to the theme by thinking outside the normal expectations of printmaking. The sculptural element of print has been explored predominantly in pairs comprising of either a sculptor, ceramicist or installation based artist with a printmaker to explore the possibilities of expanding the field of printmaking resulting is some of the most exquisite installation based printmaking ever seen in Townsville.

The theme of collaboration and experimental have been interpreted by the Expanded Field of Printmaking artists uniquely with varying responses within the group. Working in collaboration has been a first for some of the artists who have experienced quite profound outcomes personally and professionally. The process of collaboration, experimentation and innovation pushes each artists practice to cross new boundaries with exciting results.

Jo Lankester & Michelle Hall installing Rhonda Stevens installation

The Expanded Field of Printmaking
The Expanded Field of Printmaking
Rhonda Stevens
Michelle Hall & Jo Lankester 'Birds of a Feather'
Michelle Hall & Jo Lankester 'Birds of a Feather'
Margot Laver

Alison McDonald & Hannah Murray
Jenny Mulcahy
Allan Valentine

This exhibition was on display Umbrella Studio of Contemporary Arts 17 August until 23 September 2012

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Artist Richard Free is a Happy Customer

At Brush & Press Studio we offer a custom printing service for artists to produce their work.

Richard Free is a Townsville based water colour artist who thought he would try his hand at Lino Cutting. Without the skills or equipment to produce his print Sammy & I printed the edition for him.
Jo Lankester
Samantha Forbes
Richard Free

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Asymmetry Prints and Paintings by Kath Cornwall

Kath Cornwall
Artist statement
When I make art, I feel a separation from myself occurring. As I analyse my subject, I achieve a sense of higher consciousness.  All my imperfections roll out in a cascade of marks abstracted from my sensory perception of the landscape before me.  Here is where I then connect with my inner self.
I like to explore the concept of evoking a human presence from the landscape.  I can sense this duality in our world and zone in on specific elements within the environment, like trees, by treating them with an intimacy as if they were sitting with me for a portrait, up close.  
Seeking to relay a live human-like relationship with the immediate surroundings, when visually describing my subject, I tend toward the raw graphic energy of the drawing element within my paintings.  Here I can create a sense of immediacy, showing evidence of the movement in my creative process.  I am interested in the driving force of pattern, intimacy, interconnectedness, organic form and the interplay of light and line. My drypoint etchings are abstracted from completed graphic styled paintings. I truly enjoy this process as it allows a complete give from me into the focus on detail.  I love the effect of drypoint with its roughness, softness and depth of tone.
I love the tree, it is a challenge, but is forgiving.  It provides a cerebral presence as I work, so that I may escape into its folds and scatterings of colour, and yet create a substantial form.  A tree may captivate me as it emulates water, its living self stilled in a position of flow, or bowing and wrinkling to the weight of time on its shoulders, the angles of a human figure.

This exhibition was on display at brush & Press Studio from 3rd August until 2 September 2012