Thursday, November 8, 2012

Expanding the Field of Printmaking

The Expanded Field of Printmaking                 

Michelle Hall, Jo Lankester, Margot Laver, Alison McDonald, Jenny Mulcahy, Hannah Murray, Rhonda Stevens & Alan Valentine work collaboratively across multi disciplines to create an exhibition highlighting the sculptural aspect of print, resulting in an installation of experimental printmaking.

Participating artists have responded to the theme by thinking outside the normal expectations of printmaking. The sculptural element of print has been explored predominantly in pairs comprising of either a sculptor, ceramicist or installation based artist with a printmaker to explore the possibilities of expanding the field of printmaking resulting is some of the most exquisite installation based printmaking ever seen in Townsville.

The theme of collaboration and experimental have been interpreted by the Expanded Field of Printmaking artists uniquely with varying responses within the group. Working in collaboration has been a first for some of the artists who have experienced quite profound outcomes personally and professionally. The process of collaboration, experimentation and innovation pushes each artists practice to cross new boundaries with exciting results.

Jo Lankester & Michelle Hall installing Rhonda Stevens installation

The Expanded Field of Printmaking
The Expanded Field of Printmaking
Rhonda Stevens
Michelle Hall & Jo Lankester 'Birds of a Feather'
Michelle Hall & Jo Lankester 'Birds of a Feather'
Margot Laver

Alison McDonald & Hannah Murray
Jenny Mulcahy
Allan Valentine

This exhibition was on display Umbrella Studio of Contemporary Arts 17 August until 23 September 2012

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