Friday, October 11, 2013

Flotilla: an Installion with Video Art by Robert Crisp, Michelle Hall & Jo Lankester

Robert Crisp, Michelle Hall & Jo Lankester 
Strand Ephemera 2013, 30 August - 8 September

Flotilla at Dawn
Our most recent collaboration was Flotilla for Strand Ephemera 2013, this time with a digital projection extending the collaborative process to include video artist Robert Crisp.

Flotilla explores notions of loss and anonymity experienced during chaotic times. Textile forms suggestive of ghosts have been printed with boat forms. The appearance of the work shifts with nightfall as an atmospheric projection acts as a storm on which the ghost boats float.

Strand Ephemera 2013 was located on the picturesque Townsville Strand, the event was held coincidentally at an incredibly windy time. In anticipation of the wind we intently installed our work to the lower hanging branches from only one anchor point so that the wind would not totally destroy our print assemblages.

Flotilla could be view over 24hrs with each significant part of the day contributing to the dramatics of the piece, and playing a very important role in conveying our interpretation of a long journey at sea. Dawn brought a sense of calm, a time to reflect an opportunity to assess the damage from the storm the night before. Midday was the transition time of the sails filling with wind and uncertainty of what was to come. Dusk brought strong wind, tension, and vulnerability. Night brought uncertainty and fear. The cycle was repeated each day with the installation taking on the physical effects of the elements.

Flotilla at Midday
Flotilla on Dusk
Flotilla at Night
We would like to thank Gallery Services and Townsville City Council for their support in going beyond normal expectations to accommodate our digital projection

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Custom Frames by Brush & Press @ Artisans on Flinders, Townsville

At Brush & Press we specialise in making custom frames for prints and works on paper. As artists ourselves we understand your framing needs.

We use a blond Australian timber moulding, Quandong, and Plexiglass to make our frames, and pride ourselves on purchasing materials locally supporting Townsville small business.