Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 16: Jo Lankester Printmaking Residency @ Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts

Day 16: Printmaking Residency @ Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts

Today was a huge day in the studio proofing new plates.

I proofed all the plates in black first to see exactly what was etched in each plate. I printed different combinations of plates using Yellow Ochre, Burnt Siena and Black.

I was very happy with the line definition and image diversity. As mentioned in previous posts, the plates were created on location at the old Echlin Street Quarry, Townsville. Each plate has a variation of mark, some with a greater intensity of line than others, allowing for diversity when printing using multiple plates.

Tate Adams will be visiting the studio in the moring to view the new plates.

To be continued......

Jo Lankester.

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