Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 14: Jo Lankester Printmaking Residency @ Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts

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Day 14: Printmaking Residency at Umbrella Studio saw a twist in my approach to creating the prints for the book Fissure to be published by Tate Adams, Lyre Bird Press, I decided to create a whole new series of prints made site at Echlin Street Quarry. With 4 days remaining of the residency I have plenty of time to prep, create, etch and proof the plates.

After talking to Tate Adams on the weekend, it was decided that the two images where too similar and did not contain the same feel to previous prints created on location at the Echlin Street Quarry. Tate requested another print displaying more mark variation.

Today was spent sourcing the aluminium, having it cut to size, degreasing and applying the liquid hard ground to six aluminum plates. I will set off to the abandoned Echlin Street Quarry first thing in the morning.

Happy printing.

Jo Lankester

Intaglio: Acrylic-Resist Etching, Collagraphy, Engraving, Drypoint, MezzotintIntaglio: Acrylic-Resist Etching, Collagraphy, Engraving, Drypoint, Mezzotint

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