Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Who is Your Target Audience?

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In my discovery towards reaching my target audience I was encouraged to ask myself a few questions, the first being,

  1. Location: 
    • Is your target audience in the area where you live?
    • Is your target audience from interstate or overseas?
  2. Purchase:
    • Who has purchased product or services in the past?
    • Is there anything that links them together?
  3. Tools: 
    • What will be the best way to reach your target audience?
I am recording the buyers information, name, address email and phone number in a spreadsheet including the exhibition they purchased the work. This information is allowing me to get to know my audience and telling me what my audience responds to in different locations.

I place a comments book in the exhibition space which captures the audiences details as well as a comment on how they heard of the exhibition.

A follow up email to my customers with a few questions asking how they heard of my exhibition and what lead to their experience to purchase.

Before an exhibition opening I start an email campaign informing my audience that I am preparing for an exhibition and that I will be sending an invitation to them to attend the opening. I then send an electronic and hard copy  of the invitation including my artist statement two weeks prior.
I send a press release one week before the opening to all media outlets including the papers, radio, and TV in the hope that someone will pick up the story. Depending on my budget at the time I can run adds in national art magazines.

My work depicts the environment and of late rocks from the local quarry so I emailed an invitation and artists statement to the Geology Department at James Cook University, Townsville. I could have gone one step further and sat down and read the local directory for geology firms and made contact with them also.

Happy printmaking,
Jo Lankester

P.S Are you reaching your target audience

P.P.S You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing that you think you cannot do.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Jo Lankester
Stone 1, 2010
Sugarlift Aquatint
12 x12.5cm
Edition 20
$90.00 AUD

© Jo Lankester 2010

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