Monday, June 7, 2010

Print Council of Australia Presidential Print 2010: Tate Adams

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I'm interrupting the series of posts about the 7 Ps of Marketing to share with you my exciting news.
I have finished printing the Print Council of Australia (PCA) Presidential Print for 2010 by Tate Adams.

The image shows the edition stacked and in the process of being wrapped. I will deliver the prints to Tate Adams for signing this week.

The edition was made at Garage Press, Townsville, which is owned and operated by Dr Dona Foley.
Garage Press was established in 2009 and is a hub of activity for a group of local printmakers.

Imprint Magazine published by the PCA will be featuring the print Pandanus by Tate Adams in the second issue for 2010 due out this month.

Artwork Details:

Artist: Tate Adams
Title: Pandanus
Date: 2010
Medium: Sugarlift, Aquatint
Size: 68 x 49 cm
Ink: Charbonnel Black 55985
Paper: Magnani Acquerello 50 50/7 300 gsm
Edition: 35
Artist Proofs: 5
Printers Proofs: 3
Printer: Jo Lankester
Printed at Garage Press, Townsville

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