Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Collection of Photo's: Collagraph Workshop

Welcome, to my blog about printmaking.

I am currently conducting a Carborundum Grit Collagraph Printmaking Masterclass at Pinnacles Gallery, Townsville to compliment our current group exhibition XXX+WHY which finishes on Sunday 27the June 2010.

The results from last night's class were so fantastic I thought I would share some photos of the students at work.

The students have been working with straw-board, shellac, carborundum grit, PVA, string and textured acrylic medium to create their plates. Each student was encouraged to create a 3-5 plate colour collagraph bleed print by the end of the 6 week course. Two of the students had never created a print before attending this class, and during the course they have created some truly beautiful prints.

Week one:
I started the masterclass with a walk through of the exhibition discussing my techniques and approach to mark making and my printmaking journey. I then introduced the materials we are working with and my objectives for the course. The students then went about busily preparing their plates.

Week two:
I always like to start the class of with a discussion; I asked each student to share with the group their objectives for the course and, application of materials and desired results. This gives me an understanding of what each student is expecting to achieve and how I can help them reach their goal.
The students then went on enthusiastically creating their collagraph plates.

Week three:
The discussion for this week was based around safety, setting a press, how to use the press, introduction to printmaking paper and paper preparation.
The students pulled their first prints with excitement and intrigue as more often than not they turned out different to how they were planned.

Week four:
I brought in 4 multi plate collagraphs that I had printed earlier that day to show the students. This was very beneficial to the students own work as they were able to de-construct the prints with reference to my collagraph plates. The students jumped straight into printing and plate creation with zest, eager to see the results of their collagraphs.

Week five:
Yesterday was fun for everyone; students were very busy experimenting with colour and different plate combinations.

Week six:
Next week is the last week; we will close the session with a critique of the each other's work.

Happy printmaking.
Jo Lankester

P.S What are your augmented printmaking products?

P.P.S Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.
Abraham Lincoln

Collagraph PrintmakingCollagraph Printmaking

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