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A Guide to Somerset Printmaking Paper

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Back in early May I wrote a few posts on traditional printmaking papers and I received a comment from a reader who enjoyed reading on this subject, here is what was said,

Anonymous said...

"Great job with the different papers. I hope Somerset is next! When you covered Magnani you forgot their newest (and possibly the overall best I've seen) paper called Revere. Check it out. For all the other papers you mentioned there are samplers available, at least from the US. Try Daniel Smith or Legion Paper. Keep up the great posts."

It is great to get your feedback helps me understand what you are interested in and your contribution is beneficial to all.

Somerset printmaking papers are made at the St Cuthberts Mill in the southwest of England, the mill started making paper in the 1700's and is regarded as a world leading manufacturer of quality mould made artist papers along with the much earlier established mills, Arches which was founded in Lorraine, France in 1492 and Fabriano (Italy) who began making paper in 1283.

St Cuthberts Mill specialises in making high quality artist papers using 100% cotton, each sheet is buffered with calcium carbonate to prevent discolouration from acids in the environment. The fade resistance is  rated; 7 International Blue Wool Scale. This paper  has some outstanding qualities starting with the gentle textured surface which is soft yet strong, stable and remains flat after printing. Every sheet has two Somerset watermarks for authenticity and four deckle edges. The paper is archival meaning it will not discolour or fall apart. The surface of the paper is slightly absorbent allowing printmaking inks to adhere to the surface.

The paper is available in five surfaces, Book, Text laid, Satin, Velvet and Textured and comes in various sizes. The four deckle edged paper is available in only two sizes, 56 x 76 cm & 76 x 120 cm.

Check with your local printmaking supply shop for free paper samples.

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