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How to Get Started in Printmaking: Fabriano Printmaking Paper

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This post is a continuum on various printmaking papers including a brief history on individual paper mills.
The Italian company Fabriano have been paper-makers since 1275 A.D. Fabriano traded paper from the Adriatic port of Ancona in an open trade with the Arabs and quickly established themselves as the principle site of paper manufacturer in Europe. The Adriatic sea is an arm of the Mediteranian Sea between Italy to the west and Slovenia, Croatia, and Yugoslavia to the east. From there Fabriano became the distributor of paper to all 4 continents.
Paper production saw a great boom during the Renaissance before a decline in the 16th and 17th centuries. The Industrial Revolution re-launched the paper mill at Fabriano. Pietro Miliani profited from this period to create the Cartiere Miliani paper factory in 1782. 
Pietro Milani developed this business to a prestigious, high-ranking company in Fabriano. His focus was on drawing paper and those suitable for printing and manuscript writing. His grandson Guiseppe Miliani also saw the potential in the paper industry and with a good understanding of business took the company to new international status for high industrial complexity and this won Fabriano a gold medal at the London Exhibition in 1851. After that Giovambattista Miliani, directed the company at the beginning of the 20th century he was the last Miliani family member of the company, which was nationalised in 1931, and renamed Cartiere Miliani Fabriano in 1947.
Fabriano Tiepolo paper is a warm white mould printmaking paper made of 100% cotton and is superb for etching especially for deeply bitten plates. It is also suitable for screen printing. It come in two sizes, 70 x 100 & 56 x 76 cm and 290 gsm
Rosapina Etching paper is a relatively unsized soft paper suitable for aquatint, screen printing and lithography. A great student paper suitable for assessment prints. The paper is pH neutral and comes in a white and buff , 70 x 100 cm & 50 x 70 cm
Fabrinao 5 is a 50% rag paper is surfaced-sized suitable for both silkscreen and lithography printing. The surface of the satine paper has a light drawing tooth and is an off white tone. It comes in two sizes 70 x 100 cm & 50 x 70 cm and 300gsm.
Fabriano Roma is an off-white handmade 100% cotton lightweight paper of 130gsm and comes in one size 48x66cm. 

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