Sunday, April 25, 2010

How to Get Started in Printmaking: Velin Arches Printmaking paper

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To carry on from my last post regarding printmaking papers I would like to introduce you to a French Paper, Velin Arches.

Velin Arches is a 100% cotton paper manufactured on a cylinder mould. It is a buffered acid-free paper with alkali reserve, (Alkaline reserve: A buffer, or reserve, of an alkaline substance added to a paper for the purpose of counteracting any acid which may be introduced into it subsequent to de-acidification. Soaking paper in a solution of calcium bicarbonate or magnesium bicarbonate adds a small amount of calcium or magnesium carbonate which neutralizes any acid present and also provides a reserve to counteract acid which may enter the paper at some future time. (The bicarbonates are converted to the carbonates during the drying of the paper, with the liberation of carbon dioxide.) The treatment is effective only as long as free alkali remains. Papers which are to remain acid free for long periods of time, e.g., 500 years, should have approximately 3% precipitated carbonate by weight of paper.) with four deckled edges and a registered watermark.

Velin Arches is an all round good printmaking paper  with a slight wove surface and a warm yellowish tone suitable for Etching, Aquatint, Lithography and Engraving.

Happy Printing.

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Arches Text Wove Printmaking Paper (Ten Sheets) 19.5x25.5 InchesArches Text Wove Printmaking Paper (Ten Sheets) 19.5x25.5 Inches

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