Friday, April 2, 2010

23 Days to XXX+WHY Printmaking Exhibition 1May-27 June 2010-Collagraph

Hi, thanks for joining me, Jo Lankester, in my blog about printmaking.

With only 23 day to XXX+WHY I have made little progress today towards my 6 new collagraph plates. I soaked shellac flakes in mentholated spirits to coat the straw board, to protect it from the ink and turps, but for some reason it is taking a very long time to dissolve. The flakes have been sitting in my cupboard for a few years so perhaps moisture has effected them.

Carborundum grit collagraph is a fantastic alternative to traditional aquatint. I am able to easily create a rich black or intense colour that is just like an aquatint and leaves a beautiful texture in the paper when printed.

I am quite excited about these new plates as I am intending to use a thick cotton string to create a sensitive line just like a drypoint line.

Sometimes a collagraph can print a dark plate tone so I suggest using a transparent ink base to knock the black to a lighter plate tone.

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The Printing Revolution in Early Modern EuropeThe Printing Revolution in Early Modern Europe

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