Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How to Get Started in Printmaking: Schut Etching (Dutch Etching) Paper

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Yesterday I wrote about the French paper Velin Arches which is a fantastic all round printmaking paper that is suitable for mast printmaking process. It has a slight wove pattern and has a warm yellowy tone.

Schut Etching more commonly known as Dutch Etching is made in Holland. The Shut family purchased the 'De Veentjes" paper mill in 1710 and it remained in the family until 1982.  From this year until 1998 De Gelderse Papiergroupe NV became the mother-company, introducing the production of the authentic and world famous Van gelder Oud Hollands. From 1998 the Shut Paper mill became part of the French organisation Exacompta Clairfontaine S.A..

Dutch etching has been specifically made for editioners and etchers, it has two deckled sides and a watermark. The printmaking paper is an off-white tone and 100% rag with a neutral pH. The heavy weight of the paper is most suitable for etching as it is buckle resistant. I have found the paper to be very porous and will hold a substantial amount of water when soaked. I have found it best to spray one sheet lightly then place a dry sheet to soak up any excess water then repeat the process for the desired amount of paper for editioning before wrapping the paper in clean plastic and leaving over night.

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