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How to Get Started in Printmaking: Magnani Printmaking Papers

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This post is the third in a series informing you on the different types of printmaking papers available and a little history on traditional paper mills.
The Magnani paper mill was established in 1404, when the first settlers to this area of Italy built the mill along the banks of the Pescia river, the pristine waters of the river are a fundamental ingredient for high quality paper production and continue to contributed to the reputation of the Magnani paper mill. The mill was originally called Gusdchiera (the falling mill) and changed it's name to Le Carte (the papers). By the 18th century, the Magnani paper mill was exporting papers all over the world. The mill developed a prestigious following by Europe's reigning families as well as the state mints of many countries who appreciated the quality of the security papers produced at the mill on cylinder machines. 
Today Magnani Papers have a well earned and deeply grounded reputation as manufacturing among the best papers in the world. Watermarked papers, book papers, etching and lithography papers, writing papers, board and drawing papers are all highly qualified and sought after.
Magnani Incisioni is an excellent all round paper suitable for intaglio, lithography, relief and silkscreen. The paper is mould made and lightly sized, Incisioni is made of 50% cotton & 50% alpha-cellulose and comes in a range of smooth white or ivory and the weight ranges from 190 gsm-350 gsm.
Magnani Litho is made for lithography, as the name implies, offset, relief, silkscreen, intaglio and comes in a smooth white or dark ivory. The paper is made from 50% cotton & 50% alpha-cellulose and the weight ranges from from 310 gsm-350 gsm.
Magnani Corona is textured white and a smooth white paper suitable for lithography, offset, silkscreen, drawing and painting, The paper is made from 50% cotton & 50% alpha-cellulose and the weight ranges from 300 gsm-400 gsm.
Magnani Pescia comes in a variety of colours and finishes, for a variety of applications. It is made of 100% cotton and only come in a 300 gsm weight.
Magnani Acquerello comes in a range of textured off-white tomes suitable for watercolour, printmaking, gouache, acrylic and oil in weights from 300 gsm-550 gsm and is made from 100% cotton.
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Magnani Pescia Paper Blocks - 14 x 20, Block, 20 SheetsMagnani Pescia Paper Blocks - 14 x 20, Block, 20 Sheets

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