Saturday, April 3, 2010

How to Get Started in Printmaking: Perspex Drypoint

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Drypoint is the most immediate and direct of all the intaglio printmaking techniques. A sharp metal tool, drypoint needle is used to scratch the surface creating a bur for the ink to adhere. Traditionally copper, zinc or steel are used but there are also other surfaces that can create a bur to print. I have been using 3.5 mm perspex today as a medium due to the fact that I have been waiting for the shellac to dissolve for my collagraph plates and decided to move on to new plates in the meantime.

Schools often use a very thin perspex for drypoints which is quite effective and cheep.

Copper will withstand a larger edition than zinc and perspex, almost double in fact. The image is created by inking the incised line and bur with a medium soft ink, if it is too gritty add a little plate oil.

The pressure of the press should be less to that of printing an etching as the ink is on the surface rather then recessed for etchings.

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Frank Auerbach: Etchings and Drypoints 1954-2006Frank Auerbach: Etchings and Drypoints 1954-2006

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