Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How to Get Started in Printmaking: 5 Easy Steps To Looking After Your Etching Press

If your anything like me you will treasure your etching press more than anything, it is the one printmaking tool that can bring you recurring riches for years to come.

Follow these 5 easy steps to to make sure your press stays in good condition.

Step 1. Release the pressure at the end of each day
Step 2. Roll and remove the felt blankets from the etching press as the moisture will rust the roller and press bed
Step 3. Cover the press with a cover to prevent dust and moisture covering the press particularly if you live by the sea or in a humid climate.
Step 4. Attend to any rust early with steel wool, then coat with Penetrol to prevent any further rusting. This should be a preventative maintenance every 3-6 months.
Step 5. Use your press regularly

Happy printing.

Warm Regards,
Jo Lankester

You will never possess what you are unwilling to pursue.
Mike Murdok

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