Thursday, June 17, 2010

Who Buys Art? Do you know your Market?

Welcome to my blog about printmaking.

Who buys art?  Well it is proven that 50% of buyers are tertiary educated middle aged women.

I'm told that there are five main groups of people who buy art and I believe by getting to know these different groups I can set objectives for each and sell more of my prints.

  • Passionate confident art seeker
    • Woman who are 35-54 years old, tertiary educated and employed
    • Objective: invite people to my exhibition openings who have bought from me previously and get them to invite their friends and work colleagues 
  • Excited uncertain investor
    • This group are less confident art buyers who are interested to know more
    • Objective: Have three or four of my friends who are familiar with my art work and have read my current artist statement to approach people looking interested to buy but uncertain. My friends can tell them about me and my printmaking practice. This could increase my sales dramatically. I intend to turn an under-confident art buyer into a passionate art buyer/collector.
  • Unemotional conservative
    • This group is interested but conservative with giving away any emotional response to the work and their intent to buy. 
    • Objective: Put myself in the shoes of the customer, make contact and offer information and perhaps a guided tour of the exhibition so they are more confident in visiting galleries due to a positive experience. The more familiar with visiting the gallery the more educated they become to buy art.
  • Home decorators
    • This group is often not educated in the arts but are interested to buy art on an aesthetic response. 
    • Objective: Reach a broader audience, advertise in home decoration magazines, go to home expos and even have a stall selling and promoting my printmaking products and services.
  • Young disinterested
    • Over deliver, give as much as I can to this group employing all of the above strategies.
    • Objective: Engage with this group through workshops, artists talks and guided tours. Use social networks as my tools for engagement
In sharing this information I hope you gain a greater understanding of who buys art and what can be done to increase your conversion rates.

Happy printmaking,
Jo Lankester

P.S Do you have a beautiful website but very little sales?

P.P.S Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined.
Henry David Thoreau

Jo Lankester
Stone ll, 2010 
Sugarlift Aquatint 
12 x 12.5cm
Edition 20 
$90.00 AUD

© Jo Lankester 2010

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