Monday, June 28, 2010

Who Else Could be Your Target Audience?

Hello, thanks for reading my blog on printmaking.

This post is a continuation into the discovery of reaching your target audience and I pose a question; who else could be your target audience?

As artists we need to start thinking like marketers when reading the local paper. Look for what is going on in our community for special events, markets, trade fairs, open days etc and identify different customer segments for each event. Find a niche customer interest base and within these segments focus right down on it.

Think through what you have to offer and identify customer segments. For e.g. Townsville will be hosting a V8 Super Cars race in a couple of weeks offering a niche market of car enthusiasts, I am looking at what prints I have in stock that relate to this clientele base and make these prints available at art and craft markets during this time. The limited edition prints could be of a variety of subjects for e.g. cars, landscape and city scenes of Townsville and Magnetic Island or I could make something specific for the occasion.

You may find other target audiences through making your printmaking products available through,

  • Commercial Galleries
  • Retail outlets
  • Public or regional galleries
  • Hotel  & Motel lobbies
  • Art Critics
  • Art magazines

To your printmaking success,
Jo Lankester

P.S Unearth more profits you deserve

P.P.S The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind.
William James

Jo Lankester
Stone lX, 2010
Sugarlift, Aquatint
12 x12.5cm
$90.00 AUD

© Jo Lankester 2010

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