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How to Get Started in Printmaking: Zerkall Printmaking Paper

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Zerkall paper mill is a water driven mill located in the valley of the small river named Kall in the country side south of Dueren situated between Cologne and Aachen. Official documents record the mill first in production in the 16th century.
The small mill was refurbished in 1903 when it was bought by Gustav Renker, the Swiss engineer. He expanded and refurbished the mill to produce mould made paper with four deckle edges on a cylinder mould machine. Zerkall paper was first introduced to the European market then exported to the USA in the 1920's and quickly established itself as a reputable paper mill known for quality mould made paper.
Presently, the fourth generation of the Renker family is running the Zerkall mill and they produce a full range of mould made papers from stationary items containing sheets, cards and envelopes as well as a large variety of mould made paper for fine printing, printmaking, book art, watercolour and drawing.
The mould made papers range from 90 - 600 gsm and in white and colour paper. and various finishes, such as smooth, rough and hammered surface finish. The mill also produces wove, laid and wavy laid paper.
All the qualities are acid free, neutral sized, alkaline buffered with calcium carbonate and contain no optical brightener.
Mould Made Printing and Printmaking Paper, laid. 225 gsm, 48 x 64 cm rough/smooth surface, cotton content come in white, light grey, light blue and rose. Used for silkscreen, hand lithography, offset, etching, embossing, block printing, letterpress printing, book arts, pastel and pencil.
Mould Made Printing and Printmaking Paper, wove. 225 gsm 63.5 x 76 cm, rough/smooth/hammered surface, cotton content, comes in white and cream.
230 gsm 61 x 86 cm, smooth surface, felt-marked, cotton content. Comes in white and cream. Both papers are suitable for the following applications: silkscreen, hand lithography is suitable for only the 225 gsm weight paper, offset, etching, embossing, block printing, letterpress printing, book arts, pastel and pencil.
Mould Made Intaglio Paper, wove. This paper comes in white and weights of 150 gsm and 250 gsm, 76 x 107 cm with a rough surface. It is suitable for etching, embossing (250 gsm only) letterpress printing and pastel.

I will continue the printmaking paper details in my next post.
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A survey of hand-made and fine mould-made papersA survey of hand-made and fine mould-made papers

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