Monday, May 24, 2010

Building a Sustainable Printmaking Business: Elevator Statement

Hello, welcome to my blog on building a sustainable printmaking business.

To build a sustainable business you need to start with a business plan, today I will talk about writing an elevator statement which will help you define your goals and current position and provide an inexpensive and productive promotional tool for your printmaking business.

An elevator statement is a business term given to describe a short concise and compelling statement about a business or business situation that can be told in the time that is takes for an imaginary elevator ride of two floors.

The artist's elevator statement is a powerful tool which you can rehearse in advance of an exhibition opening, art fair, workshops or at any opportunity given to promote your art practice and business.
It is exciting when you are able to articulate clearly and confidently about what you do and where you are taking your printmaking business. This can be difficult to begin with but by writing down a short script which you can practice and perfect over time you're getting people to appreciate what you do and that you're open for business. It's also about having a deep down, soul connected sense of who you are.

To create your elevator statement think about how you can introduce yourself by taking a good hard look at your business plan, your goals, and understanding your product and what you have to offer. You'll find that all you need is there: in your plan and in your mind already. It's why you started printmaking in the first place.

Think hard about your art practice and what your area of specialty is within the broad discipline of printmaking, what is it that you produce and services you provide and how they are unique to your business which makes you different from everyone else.

Through practice your elevator statement will become second nature and your printmaking hobby will develop into a sustainable business. This process will also be the foundation of your business plan allowing you to clarify and strengthen the direction of your printmaking business.

So now that I have given you tips on writing an elevator statement go and start creating one for yourself. You will be amazed at the confidence this will give you to describe your printmaking business to prospective clients and businesses.

Happy Printmaking!
Jo Lankester

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P.P.S They can because they think they can.

Art & Reality: The New Standard Reference Guide and Business Plan for Actively Developing Your Career As an ArtistArt & Reality: The New Standard Reference Guide and Business Plan for Actively Developing Your Career As an Artist

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