Sunday, May 2, 2010

How to Get Started in Printmaking: Stonehenge Printmaking Paper

Hello, thank you for reading my blog on printmaking papers.

In my previous posts on printmaking I have discussed numerous printmaking papers for various printmaking techniques. Today I will be looking at the USA printmaking paper Stonehenge.

Stonehenge printmaking papers are 100 % cotton papers made in North America by Legion Paper. Stonehenge was introduced to the market in the early 1970's and quickly made it's way into artists studios. The paper contains acid free cotton linters and is a good paper at an affordable price for students and limited editions. The paper has a relatively smooth surface lending itself to etching and relief printing, screen-printing and monoprinting, as well as mixed media work and drawing. The printmaking paper is available in two weights 240 gsm & 300 gsm,  and two sheet sizes 56 x 76 cm & 76 x 112 cm, it is also available in a roll. It is available in a range of colours.

Happy printing.

Jo Lankester
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Stonehenge Paper White 90lbStonehenge Paper White 90lb

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  1. Great job with the different papers. I hope Somerset is next! When you covered Magnani you forgot their newest (and possibly the overall best I've seen) paper called Revere. Check it out. For all of the papers you mentioned there are samplers available, at least from the US. Try Daniel Smith or Legion Paper. Keep up the great posts.