Monday, May 17, 2010

Getting Started in Printmaking: MSDS Sheets

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The traditional printmaking studio is often home to toxic chemicals, in recent years there has been a conscious shift for printmaking artists to move towards a more green studio with the use of non toxic inks, grounds, stop outs and less harmful acids to both persons and the environment.
I highly recommend that you read and print a copy of the Material Safety Data Sheet for all chemicals including solvents and inks that you purchase for your studio.

Australia has a national company titled Chemwatch who provide businesses and companies computer-based chemical management and data systems. Their philosophy is "It's not the hazard, it's the risk"
To locate a MSDS for a chemical type into a search engine the company or product name including the name of the product, for e.g. Diggers Mineral Turpentine click on search.
Read and print off the MSDS sheet and keep all records in one place for quick reference when required.
Note if it is considered a hazardous or non hazardous chemical by the country you live.
This product is an Australian made product and the MSDS sheet is for use by Australian Workplace Safety Standards. These standards may change according to each countries safety standards.

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Health and Safety in Printmaking A Manual for PrintmakersHealth and Safety in Printmaking A Manual for Printmakers

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