Friday, July 30, 2010

What is Your Time Worth?

Making a profit in your printmaking practice is important.

I have some tips for quoting on custom printing that will help you generate an income and make a profit.

Always consider what your time is worth when quoting on custom printing. Otherwise you may be doing the job for less than the award wage or industry rate and the only benefit is gaining experience and positioning yourself within the market place.

Send a brief to the customer to complete and return within a set time frame. Then make a meeting time to discuss the criteria making sure you get the client to sign off on the project as confirmation. This is very important otherwise the goal posts may keep changing as the project gets underway, and you will be making less of a profit than originally quoted.

What to write in your brief,

Size of plate
Size of paper
How many colours
How many plates
Number of Artists Proofs
Number of Printers Proofs
Edition size

Start date
Delivery date: Always allow extra time in case you cannot meet the deadline.
Include your cost per print or hourly rate.
State your conditions of payment: I recommend 50% upfront & 50% on completion. 

Arrange a meeting to view proofs and again get them to sign off on the proof the customer is happy with.
Arrange a date for the customer to sign the prints once they are dry. never let the edition leave your studio unsigned.

To be continued....

To your printmaking success
Jo Lankester

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Jo Lankester
Stone Vl, 2010
Sugarlift Aquatint
comp: 12 x12.5 cm
Edition 20
$90 AUD unframed

© Jo Lankester 2010

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