Monday, August 2, 2010

Add Another Income Stream to Your Printmaking Practice

A great way to add another income stream to your printmaking practice is to include a fee to install the framed print for your client.

The gallery standard for hanging an artwork is for the centre of the image to be at eye level, 1755 mm from the ground.

Make sure you use the appropriate hardware material for the type of wall you are installing the hanging hook.

Take into consideration the measurement of the flex in the hanging wire on the back of the frame and add this measurement to the 1755mm to ensure that the centre of the work sits at that point.

Creatively thinking of ways to increase your augmented products can be things that you might not have thought of before; a great way to come up with ideas is to brainstorm them down on a large piece of paper.

Think outside the square.

To your printmaking success.
Jo Lankester

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P.P.S Set your goals high. How else will you reach the top?
Alyson B.Stanfield
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