Wednesday, August 4, 2010

7 Health & Safety Guidelines for Etching Zinc with Copper Sulphate

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In my last post I discussed a method of mixing a copper sulphate etch.

The following health & safety precautions should be considered when mixing and etching with copper sulphate.

  1. Wear rubber gloves when preparing the solution and at all times when etching with zinc 
  2. Where a dust mask when handling the crystal copper sulphate to prevent inhalation
  3. Avoid drafts or highly ventilated areas when handling the copper sulphate
  4. Wear eye protection and mask when mixing the copper sulphate solution. If the solution gets into your eyes or on your bare skin, rinse immediately with a plenty of water
  5. Make sure you have an exhaust system or open air area when etching zinc with a copper sulphate etch. Always use a organic gas ventilation mask when etching with zinc in a copper sulphate etch as hydrogen gas is released in the etching process
  6. Clean up spills wearing rubber gloves and a wet rag.  
  7. Wash your hands and mouth before eating, drinking or smoking.
Always consider your health and your impact on the environment when in your printmaking studio.

To your printmaking success.
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