Friday, July 2, 2010

Free Bockingford Inkjet & Somerset Traditional Printmaking Paper Samples

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I was very excited to receive a package from the Australian distributor Rossdale for Bockingford Inkjet Paper & Somerset Traditional Printmaking Paper yesterday.

The free samples are very generous in size and beautifully presented. The Bockingford Inkjet paper sample set comes in an A3 cardboard packet containing three sheets. The Somerset Traditional Printmaking paper sample set contains 30 sheets, 18.5 x 17.5 cm, in a well presented Somerset paper folder.

Bockingfod Inkjet paper is a double sided watercolour paper made for inkjet reproductions or original digital artworks using a quality inkjet printer.

If you are familiar with the original Bockingford watercolour paper you will recognise the same surface on the inkjet paper, it is also made on a traditional mould machine. The Bockingford artist inkjet paper is a unique paper on the market as it has an ink receptive surface on both sides of the sheet, allowing limited edition books and portfolios to be created.

Somerset papers are mould made; acid free, 100% cotton rag, deckle edged watermarked paper. The papers are buffered with calcium carbonate to protect them from acids present in the pollution that attack finished works of art. The noticeable benefits of a mould made artist papers is excellent surface stability and superior surface strength when compared to standard fourdrinier/machine made paper. (The Fourdrinier Machine is the basis for most modern papermaking, and it has been used in some variations since its conception. The Fourdrinier accomplishes all the steps needed to transform a source of wood pulp into a final paper product.)

To your printmaking success,
Jo Lankester

P.S To receive your free copy of sample pagers in Australia visit the Rossdale website and request a free sample or alternatively contact the St Cuthberts Mill directly for a distributor near you.

P.P.S Are you ready to discover the secrets to building a sustainable printmaking business

P.P.P.S I challenge you to make your life a masterpiece. I challenge you to join the ranks of those people who live what they teach, who walk their talk.
Anthony Robbins
Somerset Velvet Printmaking Paper - Antique Velvet, 30 x 44, Velvet Printmaking Paper, SheetSomerset Velvet Printmaking Paper - Antique Velvet, 30 x 44, Velvet Printmaking Paper, Sheet

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