Friday, May 7, 2010

Exhibition opening XXX+WHY Pinnacles Art Gallery, Townsville

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We have recently installed our group exhibition XXX+WHY at Pinnacles Art Gallery, Townsville Australia and the official opening is tomorrow, Saturday 8th May at 2pm. I have included the exhibition rational for your reference.

From the 6th Century woodcut, formally known as xylography, to the digital image of the 20th century, print media have evolved through diverse forms and practices.  21st century printmakers continue to explore many of these forms to interpret contemporary themes in art practice.  XXX+Y brings together four local artists, Jo Lankester, Donna Foley, Kelly Bianchi and Doug Arana, whose practices represent the breadth of printmaking.  Forms including wood engraving, linocuts, collographs, screenprint, etching and drypoint sit together well with digital imaging and animation.
Printmakers share a love of drawing, of paper, the tactile nature of markmaking, the visual appeal of fresh ink and particular processes involved in the production of prints.  However, the miasmic nature of the printing process has compelled printmakers to integrate innovative techniques and materials into their practice.   XXX+Y is an exhibition of the current practice of these artists.  Each has pushed their selected mediums to include new methods and materials including aluminium, laminates and vinyl and techniques which include for example, the use of stickers, stencils and rotoscoping.  Themes explored range from a sense of place and identity to communicative themes and personal expression.

The exhibition will be on until 27 June 2010.

Happy printmaking.
Jo Lankester
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