Monday, May 27, 2013

Introduction to Monotype Printmaking with Jo Lankester

Introduction to Monotypes was a great workshop with some fantastic prints created. I started with a demonstration on how to roll etching ink evenly on a perspex plate for a variety of monotype techniques and processes including direct drawing, reductive, additive, and multi-coloured layering. Monotypes are most commonly created using and combing drawing and painting. Information can be developed in both additive and reductive approaches, much the same way as marks can be drawn or erased in a drawing.We experimented with printing by hand and using an etching press.  

The workshop consisted of absolute beginners and intermediate artists. I must admit I just love the expressions on the faces of absolute beginners when they pull their first successful print; it is very satisfying as a teacher to see this.

We were blessed to have Lydia Fegan a visiting artist from Warringa Print Studio attend the workshop. She made a stunning two colour monotype using a combination of both reductive and additive approach.

This is the third and final introduction printmaking workshop as part of May Month of Learning organised by City Libraries, Townsvile City Council. The workshops were held at Umbrella Studio of Contemporary Arts.

Yellow Ochre & Transparency Etching ink
Jo Lankester rolling up with Etching Ink.
Applying a reductive Monotype process.
Demonstrating rolling etching ink out evenly on the perspex plate

Mixing a transparent black
Jo Lankester, MT Stuart Grass Trees lV, Layering Monotype

 Photography by Angela Cheung

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