Thursday, May 16, 2013

Introduction to Linocut Printmaking with Jo Lankester

Introduction to Linocut Printmaking with Jo Lankester

The second introductory printmaking workshop in a series of three as part of the Townsville City Council’s May Month of Learning was a heap of fun.  We had a full class with a mix of beginners and artists wanting to refresh their skills or expand their skills base in the area of Relief Printmaking.

We explored transferring images to the lino block using handmade transfer paper, carbon paper and direct transfer from pencil or charcoal drawings. We also drew directly onto the block with charcoal, pencil and permanent marker.

Richard Lane
Dominie Hooper
Sylvia Hewitt & Andrea Stuart
Tip of the day: Rubbing a little red acrylic paint into the surface of the lino block prior to drawing or transferring the image. This made it easy to see the areas being cut away which are white when printed.

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Happy Printing,
Jo Lankester

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