Thursday, July 1, 2010

Three Main Ways to Recognize and Characterize your printmaking Audience

Welcome to my blog on printmaking and identifying your target audience.

The three main ways to recognizing and characterizing your printmaking audience are by:

  • Geography 
    • Identify the best way to reach your target audience by conducting post code analysis, and breaking your audience into the following sub groups, state, regions, cities, or suburbs.
  • Demography
    • Identify the best way to reach your target audience by breaking your audience into sub (niche) groups by demographic profiling, age, sex, education levels, ethnic background, income or occupation. 
    • Within each sub group dig deeper and determine the most effective ways to reach niche groups within niche groups for e.g. Age; youth may respond best reached through social media and the older generations by post etc.
  • Behaviour 
    • Identify the best way to reach your target audience by patterns of behaviour such as how often they visit a gallery and if have they bought from you before.
Three effective ways to capture your audiences information is by:

  1. Comments book in the exhibition space recoding the name, address, phone number, email address age, and how they heard of the exhibition.
  2. Networking opportunities at exhibition openings, artist talks and art events can allow you to self promote and exchange business cards with people for future exhibition openings, newsletters etc.
  3. Website Opt in box to capture the name and email address of people interested in your printmaking products or services.

Segmenting your audience will give you a greater chance of reaching each niche group effectively increasing your conversion rates.

To your printmaking success,
Jo Lankester
Creative Income Coach

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P.P.S Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.
Abraham Lincoln

Jo Lankester
Seed Pods, 1999
Chine-collé Etching
56 x 76 cm
Edition 20
$300.00 AUD

© Jo Lankester 2010

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