Monday, July 12, 2010

Polishing Quartz-Zinc for Etching

I recently purchased zinc from a national zinc manufacturer and distributor rather than from a printmaking supply company with the intension to reduce my purchase and freight costs due to my location.

The zinc arrived at half the cost but not quite as I had anticipated. The zinc was not polished and did not have an enamel back coating as requested, (like when purchased from a printmaking supplier). Instead the zinc had a grey textured surface on both sides.

I quickly went to work with steel wool and metal polish and bought the zinc back to a shiny smooth surface. I then applied metal polish with a rag to give it the final smooth polish required for etching.

Materials you will need for polishing zinc:

  • Steel wool
  • Metal polish
  • Rags 

A little elbow grease and determination transformed my disappointment into enthusiasm in no time. I'm now ready to work on my next commission.

Happy printmaking,
Jo Lankester

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