Friday, July 9, 2010

Why Creating a Website Will Benefit Your Printmaking Business

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Creating a website to promote your printmaking products and services will increase your exposure and allow the following to occur;

  • Constant access-from anywhere, anytime.
  • Keeps your audience updated with the latest information
  • Increases knowledge and awareness
  • Builds buyer confidence
  • Gives confidence to the prospective customer
  • Direct sales provision for customers to buy your printmaking products
  • Promotional provision to present background information to clients, curators and journalists
The most common type of artist website is a brochure type site that talks about who, what, where, when and why. If you choose this option make sure you have an autoresponder to capture the name and email address of the person visiting your site. Offer a free newsletter or report in exchange for their contact details. This way you can market to them for future exhibitions, a new product range, artist workshops etc.

Once your website is created and offering a range of benefits to visitors there are a few points to continually monitor and evaluate,

  • Make sure you are getting the correct message across at all times
  • Your website  is easy to navigate through
  • Your  home page is quick to download/open
  • Your website is kept up to date with the latest news and product information
Creating a website will benefit your printmaking business and can be a fun and playful way to promote your art.There is no need to spend ridiculous amounts of money for an effect website. 

To your printmaking success,
Jo Lankester
Creative Income Coach

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Jim Rohn
    Effective Websites for Artists and Art Groups: Second EditionEffective Websites for Artists and Art Groups: Second Edition

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    1. Making a website is really going to help since the Internet is one of the biggest channels of communication between you and your potential customers. Besides having social networking accounts, you can share updates about your business and inform your customers about the promos that you plan to have.