Sunday, September 25, 2011

Neoteric Print: Artist Laura Castell Printing at Brush & Press Studio for Month of Print

Neoteric print
Contemporary printmaking artists, working with new ideas and processes pushing the boundaries of traditional printmaking practice in a gallery setting. The mediums used by these artists range from new variations on traditional intaglio and relief techniques, to digital video projections.

Laura Castell is one of 13 artists participating in Neoteric Print at Umbrella Studio from 30 September to 6 November 2011.

While planning for this exhibition I titled the exhibition to be quite open to interpretation. I did not want to be descriptive and set a theme that directed each artist away from their current practice. I feel it is quite important to keep true to your own concepts and aesthetic ideas when exhibiting in a group exhibition.

neoteric - Used to describe a person, especially an author, it means one belongs to modern/recent times—but it might also refer to a person having a modern outlook or new ideas; when used of things, it indicates that they are modern, new, or recent.

These following images are of Laura Castell printing one of two works for the exhibition at Brush & Press Studio, 375 Flinders Street Townsville. This is the first time Laura has worked to this scale. All the prints in the exhibition are 800 x 600 mm.

 Neoteric Print: Doug Arana, Aja Ausman, Kelly Bianchi, John Bradshaw, Laura Castell, Michelle Hall, Donna Foley, Karen Fiorito, Sheree Kinlydise, Jo Lankester, Kyana Pike, Gerald Soworka, Sandra Wright

Exhibition Opening: 7pm Friday 30 September by Jo Lankester
Artist Talk: 11am Sunday 9 October 2011
Exhibition Duration 30 September 6 November 2011

Brush & Press Studio is possible thanks to the Renew Townsville Initiative

Jo Lankester

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  1. Laura is my sister...:) and I like very much what she does...(being my sister aside :) )and I haven't seen this pictures before!

    Thank you Jo! this gives me the opportunity to know your blog