Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Paper Bird: Permanent Maker Resist Aluminium & Copper Sulphate Etching

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Paper Bird is an exhibition of artworks using non-toxic intaglio printmaking, drawing and collage that represents a mutual interest in symbolic and aesthetic qualities of birds and their habitats.  

The previous post included pictures taken of one of my Aluminium plates with an image drawn using  permanent marker acting as a resist for etching.

I placed the Aluminium plate in the acid for 2 minutes before removing and carefully washing off the iron accretions. I was careful to evenly wipe off any sediment with a soft sponge making sure to remove all streaks, the steaks are built up sediment which can also act as a resist and be visible when printing, taking care not to wipe off the permanent marker.

I then applied shellac to cover areas of the permanent marker that were to remain white. The marker will start to lift (foul bite) quite quickly once re-submerged in the acid.

I then placed the Aluminium plate back in the Copper Sulphate etch until I was happy with the depth of bite.
    If you have tried this method of etching before let me know as I would love to hear about how the plates turned out.

    To be continued.....

    Jo Lankester

    P.S Paper Bird 27 May-3 July 2011 Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts 482 Flinders Street, Townsville

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    1. Hi Jo
      I have been a long time follower of your blog and am delighted to find you conducting this procedure.
      I am wondering why you dipped the plate into the 'acid' for the 2 minutes - surely with aluminium that would make the metal surface etch away !?
      Although - you are then covering the area you want white, with shellac. I guess that it blocks the 'acid' from having any effect.
      It remains permanently on the plate, I assume - so that it then, is 'non ink holding' when one goes through the inking and wiping stage.
      Great outcome.

      Have you tried Johnson acrylic Floor polish ( or equivalent Australian product). Great to be back in touch with your blog.