Monday, May 16, 2011

Paper Bird: Jo Lankester & Hannah Murray Exhibition Rational

Paper Bird
Paper Bird is an exhibition of artworks using non-toxic intaglio printmaking, drawing and collage that represents a mutual interest in the symbolic and aesthetic qualities of birds and their habitats. 
Birds assume a variety of roles in mythology, religion and art including freedom, wisdom, spirituality, peace and mortality, and are often associated with journeys beyond ordinary experience. Hannah Murray considers the ambiguity of bird symbolism – specifically the dove, the owl and the crow. Indirectly inspired by stories of faith and folklore Murray’s body of mixed media work also represents retrospection and sense of self.
Jo Lankester explores her sense of place using the aesthetic qualities of line and texture. Layered complexity of marks and tone convey snippets of observation drawing from feelings, memory and intuition to create the compositions.
This body of work depicts a multitude of meanings for Lankester who draws inspiration from the common interest shared with Murray of birds and nests creating pieces that emerge from subconscious symbolism and aesthetic. Lankester takes you on a visual journey exploring personal change, freedom, loss and new beginnings.

The collaborative pieces in the exhibition bring together the individual styles of each artist symbolising their common shared journey - one of personal change, transformation and artistic freedom. The process of working in collaboration, a first for both artists, has been an unexpectedly positive and inspiring experience. 

Paper Bird 
Jo Lankester & Hannah Murray
Exhibition Opening 7pm Friday 27 May 2011
Exhibition Duration 27 May-3 July 2011
Artist Talk 7pm  Tuesday 31 May 2011 
482 Flinders Street, Townsville
(07) 477 7019 |

The collaborative prints were created at Jo Lankester's studio, Brush & Press Studio 375 Flinders Street, Townsville 
Brush & Press Studio is possible thanks to the Renew Townsville Initiative

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