Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jill O'Sullivan Mapping the North West: A Chorographical Perspective

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Jill O'Sullivan's exhibition Mapping the North West: A Chorographical Perspective presents a series of chorographic maps that pertain to the North West region of Queensland. The maps are not intended to be a geographical representation in accuracy of the locations represented but symbolic interpretations of experience of the region and all it's incumbents.  Jill's interpretations are a result of ongoing and continuous exchange between theory, history of chorography and practice in contemporary application. directed by her personal affinity and understanding of the region resulting from 30 years of living there.

Jill has produced large scale works using a range of materials including lithography, charcoal/conte, pen, watercolour and woodcut.

The scale of the works are striking when you enter the gallery, drawing you closer to see the fine detail of the landscape. The woodblocks have a free hand quality conveying a spontaneous work method thats indicative of the landscape and the artist.

Jill's exhibition fulfills a component of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Creative Arts James Cook University.

The exhibition can be viewed from the 6th - 17th September 2010 at eMarge Media Space James Cook University Townsville.

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