Thursday, September 23, 2010

Custom Printing in my Home Studio During School Holidays

Welcome to my blog on printmaking and arts business.

It's currently school holidays so I am juggling printing an edition for my client and spending time with my two boys, 11 and 14 yrs.

I'm finding my day is starting around 5 am with a few stretches, walk the dogs, and have a little bite to eat then hit the studio until 11.30am. We then have lunch and head out on our bikes on an adventure for the day.

I'm able to get back in my studio around 7pm for another session of printing the edition.

I have found by splitting my day up in this routine everyone is happy. The kids are usually sick of watching TV or playing computer games by 11.30 am and ready for some action, and I am meeting my deadlines with clients.

How do you manage your children and working in the studio during school holidays?

Happy Printmaking,
Jo Lankester

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