Wednesday, March 31, 2010

25 Days until Printmaking Exhibition XXX+WHY 1May-27 June 2010: Carbide Grit Collagraph

Welcome, and thank you for joining me today in my discussion about printmaking.

I have had an interesting day exploring the printmaking technique of collagraph. I use this technique as a relief and intaglio process in one. I am able to apply carborundum grit to the surface and other objects that hold ink as the relief and I score into the surface for the intaglio process effect. I find the rich textures very appealing.

The Collagraph technique is an affordable and environmentally friendly way to print. It allows me to print multiple colour prints with amazing results. This process only allows for small editions which when working large in multiple panels is ok for me .

I am working on six new plates based on the theme of the exhibition and pulling out details of this body of work that have X or Y somewhere within the picture naturally.

Jo Lankester
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Collagraphs: And Mixed Media Printmaking (Printmaking Handbooks)Collagraphs: And Mixed Media Printmaking (Printmaking Handbooks)

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