Thursday, October 11, 2012

PressNorth Out of the Box Artist Talks

PressNorth Out of the Box

5 Oct - 11 November 2012
Pinnacles Art Gallery, Riverway Arts Centre Townsville

The exhibition opening kicked off with 21 printmakers and book artists talking about their work. The artists talked for 2 minutes each discussing either their concept or techniques and in some cases both informing the audience.

Marian Crawford, printmaking artist, lecturer Monash University, Melbourne, opened the exhibition with an insightful talk about the works in the exhibition discussing connection, place, contemporary themes and traditional influences.

Vince Bray, Jan Daly, Tony Fitzsimmons, Donna Foley, Margaret Genever, Michelle Hall, Sylvia Hewitt, Sandi Hook, Sheree Kinlyside, Karen Landt-Isley, Margot Laver, Jo Lankester, Hannah Murray, Jill O'Sullivan, Irene Rae, Zelma Schulten , Gabriel Smith, Maxine Smith, Rhonda Stevens, Jenny Terrey, Sandra Wright.

PressNorth Out of the Box is a celebration of 21 printmaking artist’s current work plus the achievements of the group to date. The Artist Run Initiative has recently formed a Management Committee and is proud to announce its members.

President Jo Lankester
Vice President Sandra Wright
Secretary Gabriel & Maxine Smith
Treasurer Sandi Hook
Membership Administrator Sheree Kinlyside
Contact Person Laura Castell
Ordinary Member Rhonda Stevens

PressNorth would like to acknowledge our first Honorary Member Ron McBurnie for his continued support and leadership.

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