Thursday, October 28, 2010

Compact prints 2010 Exhibition , Exchange & Auction: Umbrella Studio, Townsville

Welcome to my blog on printmaking.

Compact Prints 2010 is currently showing at Umbrella Studio in Townsville, Australia.

The biennial print exchange exhibition is Umbrella's trademark exhibition attracting participants nationally and internationally.

The exhibition opened on Friday 8th October with a sensational bang! Artists were asked to submit two works, one for the touring exhibition, and one for exchange. Vicki Salisbury and her team asked the artists to donate a third work for auction to raise money for the print studio located in the basement of the building.

The auction went fast and furiously, I got caught up in excitement and purchased at least 7 prints for my collection. I invited my 14 year old son, Holden, to start him on his journey as an educated art buyer, he bought two prints :-).

The exhibition is on until 7 November 2010, Umbrella Studio 482 Flinders Street, Townsville.

Happy printmaking!

Jo Lankester

Compact prints 2010, Umbrella Studio
Jo Lankester
Fissure, 2010
12 x 12 cm
2 copper plate colour Sugarlift Aquatint etching

© Jo Lankester 2010

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