Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 6: Jo Lankester Printmaking Copper Sulphate workshop @ Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts

Day 1 of 4; Copper Sulphate workshop, Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts.

Today was the first of a 4 day work shop at Umbrella Studio demonstrating Copper Sulphate Etching using Zinc & Aluminium.

There are 10 students enrolled who are enthusiastic to learn how to create an aquatint without using the traditional techniques of Aquatinting.

I demonstrated how to polish, degrease, and apply a purchased sugarlift, and gouache as an alternative sugarlift medium, I also made available a home made sugarlift using sugar, water and Indian ink. Then how to apply and liquid hard ground.

Amanda Wileheart using gouache as a sugarlift medium

Gabriel Smith using Heildelbrg Fine Art Sugar Lift

Margot Laver using Gouache on Aluminum

Lyn Scott-Cummins using the Heildelberg Sugarlift.

We applied the liquid hard ground and then knocked off for the day.

Happy printmaking,

Jo Lankester

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