Sunday, March 28, 2010

28 Days until the Installation of XXX+WHY Printmaking Exhibition, Pinnacles Gallery, Townsville, Australia

Thank you for taking the time to join me today,

I had a very busy day yesterday preparing my printmaking plates.

I managed to brave a trip to the Echlin Street quarry around 3pm in between light rain showers. I was hesitant to go in case the sugarlift application was ruined by the rain. Lucky for me the rain held off. The only mishap was my youngest dog Ronnie Rooster decided to walk on my plate through the sugarlift leaving a paw print behind. Fortunately there was a puddle not far from where I was drawing to wash it off.

This is a photo of my printmaking plates at the quarry and a photo of Ronnie Rooster hanging out in the grass.

I discovered today that the sugarlift will lift easier if it is coated in a thin layer of bitumen rather then left uncoated for the wash out stage. There was large areas of sugarlift on the plate and I thought it may wash off easier but it did not. I recommend painting the whole plate with bitumen first.

I have used our downstairs bathroom to wash out my large sugarlift plates.

Tomorrow I will be applying a spray enamel aquatint, stay tuned for the next installment.

Jo Lankester

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Printmaking: A Complete Guide to Materials & ProcessesPrintmaking: A Complete Guide to Materials & Processes

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