Thursday, February 10, 2011

Custome Printing

I have been working on this latest lino block for a client which is the largest both of us have worked on together.

We have just completed the image on the surface of the lino with Indian Ink, ready to carve.

The lino block measures 84 x 125 cm for a bleed print of 80 x 120 cm. Through discussions with Simon White and Martin King form the Australian Print Workshop on how best to print the lino block, they have advised to glue the lino to a board to keep it flat and stable. They also mentioned that the proofs printed on news print will most probable print better than the BFK reeves paper.... lets hope I do not make too many mistakes :-)

Happy Printing,


Jo Lankester


  1. That looks really interesting. How did it turn out on the end?

  2. Hi Zoe, We are due to print the lino block in the coming weeks. Due to working towards our exhibition, Paper Bird, I have had to put it on hold. I'll post some images as soon as we have created a proof.

  3. is that a fabric or a tarpaulin? and how much does it cost to buy a material that could print with that size?


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  4. Silkcut Lino has been used to create this relief block. We purchased 1 x 1.8 meter roll and cut down to size. We printed on Reeves BFK 300 gsm 80 x 120 cm. A very striking image printed on a quality stark white paper.